Our Benevolent Cause

We believe that in a life well-lived, you should give more than you get.  There is always a multitude of those who, out of our kindness, we should help as much as we are able and that in this helping, one's reward is dealt in full.  It is with this spirit in mind that we support the causes which are most dear to us.

Faith Apiaries has chosen to support the work of our local chapter of Youth for Christ in Selkirk, Manitoba.  Each month we donate a full 10% of all sales to YFC and are always thrilled to do so.  The work of YFC is vital to the lives of so many young people who have begun their young lives without an abundance of love and positive role models in their midst.

For over 60 years, YFC has been a leader of innovation & excellence in positive youth development. As a Christian non-profit charity, YFC exists to help young people attain their full life potential. YFC is not a church, but they do work with churches, government, schools & other youth-serving agencies to meet the needs of teenagers. Their passion is to combine healthy relationships with creative programs to help young people make good choices & establish a solid foundation for life.