Manitoba's Most Delicious Honey! 

When you see "Faith Apiaries" on the label, you can be assured that you'll find Manitoba's Most Delicious Honey in the jar!

Not only that, but you won't find Manitoba's Most Delicious Honey being sold under any other name!

In a world of uncertainty about the quality and purity of honey, you should be confident with what is in the container, when you see our label on the outside. I am the beekeeper, I care for my bees all year round so that in the summer, they can gather clean, fresh, non-GMO, neonic-free, non-pesticide, nectar and pollen...the result is the pure and delicious honey that you find in our containers.

When choosing Faith Apiaries honey, you are choosing a premium product. The vast majority of honey produced in Canada is sourced from Canola nectar, in whole or in part. A Canola honey harvest is 200 lbs or more, per colony, in Manitoba.  Because I choose to keep my apiaries away from managed agricultural crops, my average colony harvest is about 100 lbs. This means, my inputs and my workload are at least per lb of honey harvested, than that of a canola honey producer. I do this because I believe that my customers prefer a premium product that is not made from Canola nectar. My honey costs more than most honey out there but it does not cost double, therefore, I feel that such a premium product is a bargain at the current prices.

I invite any of my customers to come to my apiary and visit the bees, to see for themselves how hard these ladies work to provide the golden goodness that is in every container of Faith Apiaries honey.

Thank you for your loyal support of my business, you are making a difference. When you support local, you support your neighbours!