We accept just about any common payment method with the following caveats:

1. I often don't have a lot of change on hand so if you want to pay with cash, it is best that you have the exact amount ready.

2. If you want to use any cards or other portable payment methods, please give me advanced notice so that I will have my card reader ready for you when we meet.

3. My preferred method of payment is via e-transfer.  All e-transfers are to be emailed to [email protected]  I'm sorry but I can't process e-transfers sent in text messages.

4. For deliveries, I prefer to use an invoice and e-transfer model, although I can accept other methods if you choose.  For this model, I will collect your email address when you order and will issue you an invoice via email AFTER DELIVERY has taken place.  Once you receive that invoice, you can then send an e-transfer for the invoice amount.  Again, this is my preference, if you would like to use another method, simply inform me of your preference when you order.

5. Gratuities are always optional and appreciated.  If  you're paying by e-transfer, simply add your gratuity to your total and I'll manually adjust your invoice to reflect that amount.  If paying by credit card, you will be allowed to add a gratuity when you pay.

6. Processing fees.  As a small business, I try my utmost to keep my costs down so that I can make my products affordable for my customers.  I feel that it's fair to disclose some of those costs here.  Credit cards and Debit cards have additional processing fees associated to their use.  I will always gladly accept any form of payment but it is always the customer's choice as to what form they use.  I do not pass along processing fees on a transaction basis at this time.  Cash and e-transfers incur no additional fees to me at all.