"There are bioactive elements present within floral nectar & pollen that provide growth and immune factors to the honeybee beyond that of protein & carbohydrate."

Patty Supplement

BIO-ACTIVATOR is the first (and only) formulation of vitamin, Carotenoid, Phytosterol, Nucleic & Amino acid, Co-enzyme, Enzyme, hemicellulose, Phenolic, Hydroxyl, Alkaloid, Flavonoid, phytohormone and Trace Mineral profiles in the concentrations and proportions found naturally in floral pollen.

[BIO-ACTIVATOR] Respecting and mimicking nature in the finest of details – BIO-ACTIVATOR is intended to bring the nutritional profile of pollen supplements into alignment with that of floral pollen. ​ •The first full spectrum amino acid profile •The first to provide the critical neurotransmitter Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) •The first to provide trace mineral replacement / supplementation for apiaries existing within an agricultural context. •The first to bring you the leading edge science of microbially produced menaquinones (Bacillus Subtilis / Vitamin k2 - MK7), following natures intricate design. •The first to bring you the leading edge science of Bifidobacterium produced metabolites (or post biotics) through delivery / application of our proprietary BIO-ACTIVE profile. ESTABLISHING A NEW BENCHMARK IN SUPPLEMENTAL POLLEN NUTRITION.

Instructions for use : Add entire package [Bio-activator] per 50 lbs. of pollen supplement mix (or 2.16 Grams per pound) - following your established feeding (Early spring / late summer) schedule. Thoroughly blend package [bio-activator] into pollen supplement mix (important to ensure even distribution of bioActive elements in final patty mix. This package will make 50 lbs. of final pollen supplement preparation. Net weight 108 grams.

Order This Product. Available for Spring 2023 Feeding!